Norwich Black and Gold Vintage Master Shower Room

We thought that there was no better way to tell you about this glorious creation, than to share some words from our customer themselves. So without further ado …

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The Customer's Journey

I came to NBK with an initial moodboard which had a real feeling of vintage, drawing on influences from the sixties and seventies. I had a lot of ideas on the way I wanted the bathroom to feel/look and features I was considering incorporating. What I needed to bring that to life was the practical side... Could these ideas work? Could they fit the room? Having renovated every room in the new house I didn't want the bathroom to feel like it hadn't had the same level of curation. I also knew that what I wanted was something a bit different, we're maximalist not minimalist in our style.

This is when the moodboard became a real collaboration of ideas with James, and over a series of meetings the original moodboard evolved - thanks to James showing me the option of using a black suite instead of a white one, this was the spark which then really pushed the rest of the project through to its final stage.

My research and moodboard then went down the road of vintage Biba styling, dark, bold and glamorous. A luxurious space to be in but one which is also functional. I liked that I could have a genuine exchange of ideas with James as we worked on this room and that he was happy to adapt the design so we could try different layouts and options. It was valuable to see what worked in the space and what didn't - what we'd have to adapt/change what we would add/lose etc.

This allowed us to make sure by the time we decided on the final plan I had a really good idea of exactly how everything would look and that it would be the curated space I wanted it to be. Ultimately James listened but was also realistic - which is exactly why I wanted to work with an experienced designer on this because getting it right matters - it's an investment, this room needs to last and be enjoyed for many years.

Black and Gold Vintage Bathroom
Black and Gold Vintage Bathroom with Black Burlington Basin
Black and Gold Vintage Bathroom with Black Burlington Toilet
Black and Gold Vintage Bathroom with twin shower