Traditional Marble and Burlington Family Shower Room

As part of a multi-room project, this family shower room had the marble makeover we all dream of! Transformed from a tired bathroom that hadn’t had any attention for many years, into this spacious, walk-in and bespoke shower room.

Our customer wanted simplicity for this room whilst also making a statement and incorporating comfort for all. The large 1200 x 600 marble tiles used throughout the room both on the walls and floor are simply mesmerising and command attention as you walk through the doorway.

Having gold veins in the tiles means that all of the other gold features in the room blend in seamlessly rather than standing out - it was exactly the right balance and look that our customer was after. Gold was incorporated in everything from the taps and shower fittings, to the toilet accessories, mirror surround, tile trims … you name it, we included it!

To ensure that the gold wasn’t overwhelming, we kept the shower frame minimalistic by having a single wall profile. The shower panels were commissioned pieces of glass meaning that they were bespoke for this specific shower space (this involved a glass manufacturer measuring the area, making the glass and then returning once the room was complete to deliver the glass to which we can then install accordingly).

Together with our design team and customer, we all agreed that the investment into having a bespoke shower area was well worthwhile inorder to create a spacious showering area whilst not compromising on the spaciousness of the entire room. By creating a set back entrance to the shower area, you extend the floor space whilst retaining the actual arm/body space within the shower. The way to achieve this is by using bespoke glass and also bespoke shower trays that are either:

1. Custom made or; 

2. Cuttable and therefore, cut down to size and shape as required.

We built an in shower seat which can be used as a shelf to place toiletries, a place to rest your legs whilst shaving or a seat to just take a moment and let your conditioner sink in or enjoy the sound of the water and the heat surrounding you.

Whoever said ‘my bathroom is too small for that’, normally, where there's a will, there's a way. Sometimes you just need to think outside of the box.

Burlington Shower
Gold Veined Marble Bathroom
Gold Marbled Shower
Traditional Shower Room