David Morgan
8th May 2023

You know you'll get a first class job

Complete Kitchen and en suite refurbishment. Having had previous experience of NBK services we knew this was a first ( and only ) port of call for these projects. This company puts the customer right at the heart of the whole process and because they manage it from start to finish they create a solid basis for confidence in their business. You know you'll get a first class job. Any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently and the fitting team they have established provide a totally professional as well as experienced service. Even when the work is complete NBK are at pains to ensure all has been accomplished to the customer's satisfaction. Now that NBK are much larger than when we first encountered them they have not lost any of their PR skills - they have clearly made this a core part of their modus operandi. It goes without saying that we are delighted with both kitchen and en suite.