Trevor Kennedy
30th September 2018

A breath of fresh air.

I had a shower thermostat fail which required presenting a copy of the invoice to the manufacturer. I had mislaid it. As a long shot I contacted the retailer which was NBK and a Stuart Barnes. To be honest I wasn't expecting much support as I was not ringing for a quote or a purchase and the goods were supplied 2 years ago. I think we benchmark to such low expectations these days that Stuart's ' can do' attitude was a breath of fresh air. Not only did he find it ( not easy as the records had moved) but he both emailed and posted copies. A great result for me. This may all sound really trivial but to me it wasn't. Company came in, replaced the entire shower bar which retailed around 200 quid and all under warranty. Thanks for your help Stuart! I will be using these guys again. I think you get a feel for a business in how they deal post sales and they seem to care.