25th August 2021

Lovely people who we loved having in the house!

This is the most outstanding company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are honestly head and shoulders above the rest. I have very high standards and they met them all with ease. From the moment we went to the showroom, they remained true to their word and delivered on every promise. Rachel is incredible, she is organised, knowledgable and takes great pride in her work. Tony is a fantastic designer with incredible knowledge and know how. He gave us huge time and energy and as a result we ended up with the kitchen of our dreams! Matt must be a time-bending magician because despite running many projects simultaneously, he still made us feel like the only customers on earth, nothing is too much and he delivers on everything. Ed, Stu and Ashley did a sublime job of fitting, creating and making our kitchen and bespoke every detail to an exceptional standard. They are also lovely people who we loved having in the house! This company genuinely care about doing a good job and as a result they do an exceptional one. I can honestly say I will never use anyone else if I can use NBK and I am already saving up for my bathrooms!