David & Jane Mitchell
7th January 2022

We wholeheartedly recommend them for your kitchen project

After several years of putting off refurbishment of our kitchen due to concerns about disruption and mess, we finally took the plunge in August 2021. We were very impressed from the outset with the service and attention to detail offered by NBK and quickly decided that this was the right outfit for the job. There’s an amazing team of very skilled and conscientious staff at the company. Tony’s design fitted our needs perfectly. Matt (Project Manager) was attentive and responsive. Stuart (our Fitter) was professional and thorough throughout, providing an extremely high standard of finish. The whole team from stripping out of the old kitchen through to final painting was considerate and courteous and they consulted on the details of key installation features. There was indeed some disruption in being without a kitchen for 4 weeks but we are very pleased to say that the final product was worth it and will be enjoyed for many years to come. We wholeheartedly recommend them for your kitchen project. David & Jane Mitchell