Sam M
3rd November 2023

James especially was extremely thorough

Very impressive organisation! Due to personal reasons we unfortunately weren’t able to commit to having our bathroom remodel completed with NBK, however we feel compelled to leave a review here as we were very impressed with the operation NBK are running. From first contact with Stuart, through to the survey and design process with James the NBK team were extremely helpful, responsive and professional. For those looking for a high quality and stress free bathroom/kitchen remodel I have no doubt that NBK would do a great job. James especially was extremely thorough in his approach and was a pleasure to deal with. Obviously I can’t comment on the actual building work as we weren’t able to proceed (for our own reasons, nothing to do with NBK) but based on the professionalism of the initial stages (survey, plans, design, communications) I’m sure that it would have been high quality. I’d recommend anyone looking for a remodel to at least reach out to NBK and see what they can do for you. Thanks Stuart, James and Megan!